Monitoring & Intelligent System

Given the rapid growth of IT industry in the world, almost all  affairs and communications within organizations are taken place within  the context of IT, the growing use of software applications by  organizations, the high volume of information that needs to be stored,  and ..., has caused that implementing a data center in organizations to  be vital and make these centers one of the most important places for any  organization.

If the problem arises in these centers, the speed of the  announcement and in time effective action is of great importance. In  addition to the adoption of preventive strategies and the existence of  visual as well as physical monitoring and control tools in the data  center, a data center requires the use of special measurement devices  that can be connected to other vital data center equipment, firstly, to  monitor events with permanent event logging capability, and secondly,  and if necessary, prevent the occurrence of a threat as soon as possible  by sending alerts to authorized users in the system.

These systems, which are further developed with the building  intelligence approach, are called Building Management Systems (BMS), and  given that they are intended primarily for the entire building, they  are associated with high financial costs, along with a lot of time for  building studies and scenarios for organizations. Imposes.


Due to the importance of this issue and with extensive technical  knowledge of the data center, the company has designed and supplied  DCIM's Control and Monitoring System (Data Center Infrastructure  Management).

This will allow IT managers to access to a custom application that  is tailored specifically to the data center and IT industry at a shorter  time and with a much lower cost.

DCIM provides a monitoring and control solution for the data center  as well as the necessary environmental parameters in an integrated  system, event logging and alerting to predefined users are available in  the system.