IP Console Drawer

IP KVM Dual Rails Console Drawer

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Product code : TCD-708i, TCD-716i, TCD-908i, TCD-916i

Increasing user’s use of computer services has led large and small  organizations to provide a variety of e-services, which increased the  number of servers in the Data Center and Server Rooms of organizations.In order to perform various settings on these devices, instead of using  multiple keyboards, displays, and mouse, you can control multiple  servers or computers using the Console Drawer and KVM. General Specifications of the Console Drawer The Console Drawer has a display, a keyboard and a touch mouse, and occupies one Unit of the Rack.In the Console Drawer, keyboard, display, and mouse are mounted on the  slider rail, and they can be moved to the rack space when they are not  needed, such as the drawer.

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Specifications and Functionality

  • Standard 19" and Stock size 1 U
  • LCD Display (17" & 19")
  • Key Pad with 105/106 Buttons
  • Touch Pad Control
  • AC Power Supply
  • Optional DC Power Source
  • Operation temperature: 0 to 40 ° C
  • Side rails with industry- Standard
  • 2 separate rails for display and keyboard (Dual Rails)
  • Full Metal body for more strength
  • KVM with Serial Port and Stack for up to 8 devices
  • HDDB-15 Pin Connector for monitor
  • Support PS/2 connector for connecting to Keyboard and Mouse
  • Increase port through KVM connection with 8 or 16 outputs with serial port
  • Video Resolution 1920*1440
  • Video Resolution via IP Module 1280*1024
  • Video Resolution via CAT5 Module for 150 m 1200*1600 and 1024*768 for 305m
  • Equipped with OSD System (On Screen Display)
  • Adjusting color, Size, vertical/horizontal position and display quality 16Bit
  • Web-based user interface via IP modules
  • Compatible with Microsoft Mouse
  • Support Windows and Linux
  • No Software Driver required 
  • Ability to set the level of access
  • Optional IP Module
  • Connect the CAT5 module and R-Box CAT-5 KVM Receiver
  • Connect via a virtual drive (SS Option) when installing the IP module
  • Remote and Software Sharing files (SS Option) if you install the IP Module
  • Install SS option if you install the IP module

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