In-Rack Cooling System

In this cooling solution, the cooling units are placed between racks  or beside them, and by directing the cold air from sides to the racks,  they cause the temperature to be moderate.

In this mechanism, space constraints to create data centers in places  where the Cold/Hot Aisles cannot be created is significantly reduced.  Also, in places where the number of racks is limited and there is no  need to create a data center. By solving the cooling problem, creating a  data center for the existing server room will be unnecessary.

General Features of In-Rack Cooling Systems

  • Special design for installation between racks
  • Special design to direct the air flow to sides
  • Full-time industrial cooling (7 × 24)
  • Equipped with two panels with sliding tabs for easy access to interior equipment
  • Radial fans for directing the air in the radial direction of the fan (r axis in polar coordinates)
  • Function in both cooling and fan mode
  • Drain system for discharging evaporator condensation water
  • Designed in accordance with Iran's power system
  • Welded metal body for greater strength
  • Electrostatic powder paint


In-Rack standing cooling system with a capacity of 5 tons of refrigeration

Compatibility with DX and Chilled Water Technologies.

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