In-Row Cooling System

In this solution, cooling systems are located between racks. These  systems direct airflow into the cold aisle and cause moderate  temperature of cold aisle and air of racks.


TIAM’s cooling systems:

  1. In-row cooling system, 5-ton capacity, DX and chilled water
  2. In-row cooling system, depth 600 mm, controlling capacity

General Features of In-Rack Cooling Systems

  • - Special design for installation between racks
  • - Special design to cool down rack and aisle temperature
  • - Full-time industrial cooling (7 × 24)
  • - Equipped with two panels with sliding tabs for easy access to interior equipment
  • - Function in both cooling and fan mode
  • - Drain system for discharging evaporator condensation water
  • - Designed in accordance with Iran's power system
  • - Welded metal body for greater strength
  • - Electrostatic powder paint


In design of cooling system, the airflow produced by radial fans is  simulated by air flow simulation software and flow lines carefully  examined for 90 degrees change in the air flow direction. After  production and test procedures, this system is now considered as a  serious rival for celebrated products.

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