Data Center Solutions

Data Center Solutions

Data centers are safe placea to store information with high  reliability and access, in which the central computer network equipment  are placed. To this end, the creation of a Data Center requires Highly  detailed, extensive and step-by-step planning. The first step in  creating a data center is to provide its physical condition.

The most important criteria for designing a data center are:

  • High Availability
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Management

Different topics in the physical infrastructure of a data center  and the complexity of each of them usually make the construction of a  data center complex and Time-consuming process. Of course, without a  reference standard, it's not possible to take into account all of the  criteria that must be met in the data center.

The TIA-942 Data Center Infrastructure Standard specifies the  minimum infrastructure, communications, power, cooling and physical  security requirements of a data center or server room. The main  advantage of using this standard in the architecture of the system is to  identify the goals to be achieved in each section of the data center.

The TIA-942 standard has been translated and published by TIAM  Network Company. This standard examines all levels of redundancy  required in a data center in four levels (Tier), and the points to be  adhered to at each level are presented in four sections:

  • Spatial conditions and environmental conditions (Structural)
  • Cooling Systems, Integrated Data Center Management System, Fire  Extinguishing and Fire Extinguishing Systems and Physical Security  System (Mechanical)
  • Electrical systems
  • Telecommunication

The company, as one of the leading IT companies in Iran for the  first time in the country, provide specialized data center services  under the iDC registered trademark number 172244. Although the data  center logo is associated with iDC, but D is derived from Data, C is  derived from Center and i stands for iRACK and iCOOL brands, which also  show intelligence / information (Intelligent / Information).

In order to achieve the desired level of standard in accordance  with the needs and sensitivities of each organization, it is necessary  to implement and complete each of the four sections mentioned in the  TIA-942 with the latest equipment in the world.]

In order to provide Data Center solutions based on the wide variety  of its products, TIAM Network provides the following services.

These services include all the requirements of the physical  infrastructure of the Data Center (architecture of different spaces,  power supply and power distribution Units, high-power cooling systems,  Data Center Infrastructure Management, physical security systems, rack,  structured cabling and fire suppression systems).

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