About Us

History of TIAM Network Company

The group, which was formed by several young experts in the field of information technology in 1371, started its official activity under the name of TIAM Networks with the registration number 113386 in 1374. The company has specialized in the field of computer networks and has climbed the ladder of success one after another, with the help of God and relying on the technical knowledge of the elites, employing experienced experts and applying the policies of the marketing. The word "TIAM " in the Lori language (one of the original Iranian tribes) means "my eyes", which refers to the ever-awakening eyes to the latest technology in the field of data communications. TIAM Networks Company, with a quarter of a century of experience in this field, is operating as one of the leading companies in the field of information technology in the country. Relying on the scientific knowledge of its experienced experts and using the latest technologies in the field of information technology, TIAM Networks Company always tries to take steps to improve the level of technical knowledge and take advantage of the efficient effects of this industry.


The vision of TIAM Networks Company is to offer the latest products and communication solutions in line with reputable companies in the world, to be the first choice among applicants for communication equipment in Iran and to meet all the needs of the country in this field.


The mission of TIAM Networks Company is to provide reliable and high quality goods and services to set up the physical infrastructure of the network and data center, for medium and large public and private organizations and companies. To be able to maximize the value created for its customers, through innovation, creativity, continuous improvement in the quality of products, services and processes, relative to the costs they pay. While adhering to the values it believes in, TIAM Networks Company pursues its goals and operates in a healthy competitive environment by employing efficient personnel. It also takes an effective step towards improving the level of suppliers, distributors and the community by creating a win-win relationship in business communications.


The TIAM Networks policy has been seen in three dimensions of leadership and management, customers, and community and staff:

Leadership and Management

  • Faith to decide on realistic analysis with system thinking 
  • Commitment to confidentiality, integrity and availability of information 
  • Trying to realize legal requirements, in all aspects of the organization management system 
  • Continuous improvement in processes and performance of the organization in order to increase the satisfaction of all beneficiaries
  • Hire and cooperation with experienced experts and creator, as intellectual and future capitals for society


  • Make up all the requirements for the customer products and services as a member of the TIAM family 
  • Design and distribution of high quality services in the IT field to meet customer needs and demands and increase the share of the market 
  • Use a variety of creative and innovative technologies for easy and fast customers with the organization 
  • Providing optimal services for continuous improvement for effective and satisfactory handling of complaints and disputes

Community and Employees

  • Belief in the success of the organization only with the human capital of the creator and the learner
  • Improving the quality of work life, improving the level of motivation and health of employees
  • Improving staff based on competency and capability and evaluating fair and accurate performance on an ongoing basis
  • Developing knowledge of human capital through education
  • Efforts to achieve a clean environment by reducing environmental pollutants and relying on the prevention of any kind of pollution in the environment
  • Improving the work environment of the organization through the development of a culture of work environment’s neat 

TIAM Networks Departments

Board of Directors

The board of directors of TIAM Networks Company bears the general responsibility of the organization and is responsible for the basic affairs of the company along the mission of the organization.

The company's senior Managers make decisions about the organization's policy, vision, mission, and goals, as well as oversee the implementation of the strategy and management plans.

On the other hand, the dynamics of the macro environment in the country and industry, and rapid environmental changes require that company policy makers use strategic thinking and systems thinking to design and implement an improvement plan in accordance with the existing conditions.

Selection and commission of executive managers, support and supervision of their performance, review of annual plans of units and financial reports, exchange, processing and dissemination of information between people inside and outside the organization during formal and informal meetings, providing resources and approving budgets for research programs and projects It is another task of managing the company.

With the help of experienced management staff and years of experience in internal and foreign companies, the company has implemented a combined task-project structure in the company, so that in this structure, due to the presence of middle managers and supervisors in the smallest working groups of the company and existence The belief in independence and responsibility in these groups and communication through cross-sectional structure with other units (task structure), the whole project is entrusted to autonomous work teams (project structure) and decision-making in specific and immediate cases without the need for administrative hierarchy Participation and waste of time is done.

Adhering to ethical principles and for the profitability of TIAM, the management unit of this company strives to provide a satisfactory work environment for employees, abundant services for customers, added value for shareholders, and a suitable platform for providing up-to-date knowledge and technology for the welfare of society.

Sales Engineering Department

The sales engineering department, by combining up-to-date technical knowledge and sales and marketing skills, is responsible for meeting customers' needs for the requested goods.

The sales team of TIAM Networks Company serves various markets such as the capillary distribution network of goods, government and non-government customers, industries, organizations, institutions, etc. based on various requests such as inquiries, tenders, letters received and also telephone.

Record and maintain customer contact information, retain current customers, increase their sales share and attract new customers according to the marketing skills of experts in this field, pre-sales technical advice, resolve customer problems after the end of sales, as well as specialized products of new products to the customers how these products meet their needs in the field of IT, in order to achieve the annual sales goals, is the responsibility of the sales unit.

Also, this department, as the communication edge of the company with customers, performs the task of coordinating and establishing customer relations with different units of the company, including the specialists of the technical and engineering unit.

Technical and Engineering Department

The technical and engineering department of TIAM Networks Company, while gathering experienced technical staff, has started specialized activities in the field of computer networks and data centers, and relying on the technical knowledge of its experts and years of experience in project management of computer networks and data centers, to provide Consulting services, design, implementation, monitoring, testing, training, support, research and development and seminars, and tries to meet all the needs of employers for data centers, from beginning to end.

In order to make the best use of the maximum power of specialists in the execution of their projects, this department uses the structure of the combination of traditional tasks and project teams under the name of matrix structure.

Depending on the scope of the project, it uses the power of specialized groups such as electricity, DCIM, UPS, cooling, network, etc.

The specialists and engineers of TIAM Networks Company, who have a history of designing and launching hundreds of governmental and non-governmental projects, have become one of the strongest centers providing comprehensive technical and engineering solutions in the field of computer network projects and data center projects, and provide specialized services.

Financial Department

TIAM Network's financial system strives to achieve the company's goals by creating a regular structure, using comprehensive financial software as well as complying with modern and up-to-date accounting standards related to IASB, IACPA, and AICPA.

The activities of the financial department of the company are:

Prepare and prepare financial statements and management reports and supervise its preparation based on accounting standards and information available in the company's notebooks, accountability and follow-up of customer matters and efforts to clarify accounts between the customer and the company, carrying out all matters in accordance with laws and regulations, including the law of direct taxes, value added tax and labor law, optimization of resource and consumption systems, supervision of warehouse entry and exit of goods, proper implementation of all approved instructions and financial methods and payment of salaries and benefits.

Human Resources Department

TIAM Network's human resources department with the aim of hiring specialized and efficient people, maintaining, developing and upgrading the company's human resources, developing performance appraisal systems, promoting a culture of participation and strengthening incentive systems, managing the effective implementation of compensation systems, and managing staff affairs, improving the working relationship between managers and employees is active and as a holder of specialized knowledge in the field of human resource management, plays the role of consulting for managers and employees.

Drafting policies in the policy-making process, membership in the strategy formulation committee, improving working methods and processes, mediating to reduce staff disputes, resolving human resources problems, etc. are among the other tasks of this department.

Publishing and Advertising Department

In order to gain a distinct and valuable position among competitors and by identifying target markets and creating favorable conditions for introducing services and products to new audiences, by research and study on the obvious and hidden needs of the market is responsible for creating modern markets and expanding customer family range to increase market share.

Responsibility for preparing and updating catalogs, holding seminars, designing and updating websites, activities on social networks, translating standard texts, conducting advertising campaigns, preparing quarterly articles, preparing newsletters, holding exhibitions, designing and printing all required writing materials such as envelopes, letterheads, Business card, etc. is the responsibility of this department.

Service Department

The main responsibility of this department is to provide services to the internal personnel of TIAM Network Company.

The service unit is responsible for the administrative and clerical affairs of the company according to the developed methods.

Management of sending postal packages, distributing incoming letters to the company and sending and delivering letters and documents outside the company, answering telephone calls, coordinating matters related to renting a car and welfare facilities related to business trips, following up repairs of office and welfare equipment and supplies is another function of this unit.

Also, all cleaning and service affairs, catering, maintenance of green space, etc. are done by service personnel.

Warehouse Department

A warehouse department is a place to store manufactured goods, imported goods and consumer goods.

Registration and control of inventory of all consumer items and goods and submission of necessary reports is one of the most important tasks of this unit.

  •  Ensuring the health of purchased goods,
  •  Installation of holograms and installation of signs, indicating the conditions of transportation and storage of the product,
  •  Preparing the goods for delivery to the customer according to the request of the sales engineering department,
  •  Control of the apparent health of the product for the customer,
  •  Coordinating with the customer regarding the manner and time of sending and, if necessary, sending forces for transportation at the place of delivery to the customer.


  • Received the National Certificate of the 17th Conference on Consumer Rights from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade in 1396
  • Received the national certificate of the 16th Conference on Consumer Rights from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade in 1395

  • Received the provincial certificate of the seventh conference on consumer protection from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade of Tehran province in 1398
  • Received the provincial certificate of the sixth conference on consumer protection from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade of Tehran province in 1397
  • Received the provincial certificate of the fifth conference on consumer rights from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade of Tehran province in 1396
  • Received the provincial certificate of the fourth conference on consumer protection from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade of Tehran province in 1395
  • Received the provincial certificate of the third conference on consumer rights from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade of Tehran province in 1394

  • Holder of a certificate and a statue from the 4th National Festival of Communications and Information Technology in 1393
  • Holder of a certificate and a statue of the meeting of IT and IT industry activists with a consumer protection approach in 1395

Holder of a certificate and a statue from specialized Exhibitions of network and data center fields

  • Receiving the first certificate of 2nd level consulting of Nasr Organization by the CEO of TIAM Networks Company.
  • Quality Management System Standard 2015: ISO 9001.
  • Environmental Management System Standard 2015: ISO14001
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard OHSAS 18001: 2007.
  • HSE-MS Safety, Health and Environment Management System Standard.
  • Generic Cabling Standard for Customer premises 2010: IEC / ISO24764  for Generic cabling for Datacenter.
  • Consulting standard, design and implementation and maintenance of computer networks and data center 2002: 11801 IEC / ISO.
  • License of the Computer Guild Organization
  • Rank of the Supreme Informatics Council of the country

  • Obtaining the first certificate for the 2nd rank of consulting in Iran from the Computer Guild Organization


Various centers that are parties to the contract with TIAM Networks Company, after the end of the project, have submitted a written Testimonial to TIAM Networks Company for the good performance of the work.

In these Testimonials, the quality of goods and services, timely delivery of goods, timely execution of the project according to the schedule, mastery and expertise of experts and technical team are mentioned.