Automatic Transfer Switch

Today, electric power has affected all aspects of human life. In  addition to home-use, in industrial centers, the distribution of  electricity, maintaining the health and safety of devices connected to  power distribution panels is a major concern for consumers.
And preventing power outages and creating electrical fluctuations, in  the distribution paths and the proper discharge of excess electricity,  is one of the most important needs of these users.

Due to the size of the installed electrical equipment on the racks and  the importance of supplying the power to these equipment, TIAM Networks,  in order to meet the needs of users, with the Power Distribution Unit  (iPOWER) Designed and presented in a variety of ways, in accordance with  the latest national and international standards and codes.
In order to protect the equipment and discharging excessive electrical  loads, in accordance with the standard in the sockets, insulated copper  insulators, power cords and main PDUs for connection to the system are  considered. Due to the specific design, the features that are considered  in these products are used in computer centers, telecommunications and  audio and at home.

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