Server Racks

In the server racks, due to the high weight of equipment mounted on the  racks, in addition to bending and changing the design of rails, with  reinforcing and increasing the number of horizontal reinforcement arms  of the posts, and fully welded chassis, these racks are designed to be  stable and withstand the weight of these equipment.

Depending on the long depth of equipment installed on the server racks  and the installation of fans on the back of these equipment, the  dimensions of the server racks are designed to allow convenient air  circulation and easy direct flow of cold air from the front to the back  of the racks.

Often, due to the installation of network and server equipment inside  the rack, at the same time, it is possible to install a roof fan and in  some models, four fans on racks. Moreover, because of the high power  consumption of the equipment, to use these racks as server racks, it is  recommended to use some sort of cooling systems and doors equipped with  ventilation systems, including Fan Door, Perforated Door and Exhausted  Door.

Also, due to the sensitivity of the equipment installed on the server  racks and the need for precise control of the environment, the  intelligent access control system and environmental control are embedded  in some types of racks.

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