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Cooling System Solutions

Data Center Solutions

In order to achieve the desired level of standard in accordance  with the needs and sensitivities of each organization, it is necessary  to implement and complete each of the four sections mentioned in the  TIA-942 with the latest equipment in the world.

In order to provide Data Center solutions based on the wide variety  of its products, TIAM Network provides the following services.

These services include all the requirements of the physical  infrastructure of the Data Center (architecture of different spaces,  power supply and power distribution Units, high-power cooling systems,  Data Center Infrastructure Management, physical security systems, rack,  structured cabling and fire suppression systems).

The services provided by TIAM Network Company in different parts of  the physical infrastructure, in Data Center and Mobile Data Center, are  as follows:

  • Consulting services on the standard level of redundancy required by the data center
  • Consulting services on the selection of required equipment
  • Consulting services to optimize server rooms and Data Centers in  order to achieve higher level of accessibility or increase energy  efficiency
  • Conceptual design and initial price estimation for participation in tenders
  • Detailed design of the physical infrastructure of the Data Center
  • Simulation of various sectors (including cooling system and power  distribution unit) for sizing purpose, selection and optimization of  equipment
  • Design and implementation of monitoring network, data center control and command
  • Provide list of required items
  • Estimation of equipment prices and required project budget
  • Provide documentation and plots required for participation in tenders
  • Provide list of authorized contractors
  • Cooperation in tendering and technical evaluation of bidders
  • Provide Technical documents for Contracts
  • Provide executive, testing and delivery, operation and support instructions
  • Implement Data Center infrastructure
  • Provide required executive Plots
  • Supervision on design and implementation of infrastructures
  • Supervision on test and delivery of infrastructure systems
  • Managing and supporting Data Center infrastructure systems



For the design and implementation of the Data Center, it is  necessary to consider a set of standards. Some of them are mentioned in  this section. Also, national standards of each country are prior to  existing international standards, therefore consideration of national  building regulations (IRAN) is mandatory.

Among the standards that TIAM Network considers in the implementation of the Data Center are:

  • The physical infrastructure of the Data Center (telecommunication) TIA-942-B and BICSI
  • Telecommunication and Network Cabling Standard - Structured Cabling TIA-568-D
  • Intelligent management of physical infrastructure components of the data center TIA-862-B
  • TIA-606-C standard management
  • Bonding standard and TIA-607-C ground connection
  • 110 Power Journal (Iran Power Standard)
  • Section13  of the National Building Regulations of Iran (Design and Implementation of Electrical Installations)
  • Section21  of the National Building Regulations (non-operational defense)


On the other hand, the company is offering a solution for the four  sections outlined in the 942-TIA standard, Provides the following  services and products:


1- Spatial and environmental conditions (Structural)

In this section, while carefully examining the structure and  considered space, all requirements for achieving different levels of  standard, being reviewed and appropriate solutions are presented.

  • Geolocation of the building (security, natural disasters and abnormal events, distance to the main data network, etc.)
  • Structural and building safety (including surface area resistance, columns, … along with retrofitting methods)
  • Strengthening critical parts of the Data Center against external fires
  • Humidity/ Thermal insulation of the critical parts of Data Center
  • Design and implement of false floor, ceiling and walls
  • Providing equipment layout


2- Cooling systems, Data Center Integrated Management system, fire alarm system, and mechanical security system

Cooling System

The heat generated by the IT and electrical equipment in the Data  Center makes it necessary to cool down these centers. In order to  provide a convenient cooling load in computer and utility rooms, as well  as providing adequate air quality in different parts of data centers,  according to the standards and requirements of the Data Center,  appropriate mechanical infrastructures are designed. Usually in the Data  Center the mechanical infrastructure is considered as follows:

  • The computer room cooling system is calculated and selected  according to the cooling need of the active equipment and considering  the redundancy appropriate to the data center category.
  • To provide the cooling of the electrical room equipment, including  PDUs, UPS and batteries, the thermal load of these equipment are  calculated and the appropriate cooling systems are selected.
  • The ventilation system is designed in spaces such as the N.O.C  that users are present to provide fresh air and comfort throughout the  year.
  • In order to create a positive pressure in some spaces, including a  computer room, a positive pressure system is considered in these rooms.


Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

To maintain and manage data at a Data Center, a large amount of  money is spent to create a safe and reliable platform through providing  the appropriate physical infrastructure. Power distribution Units,  cooling systems, lighting systems, security systems and electronic  protection systems are all needed to sustain the life of a Data Center.  Each of these units acts independently and separately.

Managing and creating an integrated structure between existing  systems is handled by the Data Center Physical Infrastructure Control  and Monitoring System (DCIM).

The Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) configured with a  proper structure of sensors, measurement modules, hardware interfaces,  and a software dashboard to monitor and manage various parameters  without any limitations.

Support for multiple warning solutions such as reporting on the  network, sending SMS, email, visual audio alarm, dialing under various  conditions, and creating various control scenarios is another feature of  this system that assures the Data Center manager about The correct  function of these systems.


The services of TIAM Network in the field of integrated management system include:

  1. Need assessment and determination of the appropriate strategy for  monitoring the physical infrastructure of the data center
  2. Detailed design includes selection of equipment, locating of  equipment installation place and provision of communication paths
  3. Production and supply of proper system for the project
  4. Provision of infrastructure, physical installation of equipment, hardware and software settings


3-  Electrical systems

Providing the power needed for equipment inside the Data Center is  one of the most important and most sensitive parts of the design and  implementation of the Data Center that requires precise design and  engineering for the electrical infrastructure. Therefore, the design of  the electrical infrastructure for a Data Center is one of the basic  requirements and needs of this section, which should be carefully  considered. Due to problems in the city's electric power supply to  consumers in the Data Center racks, it is essential to use a safe and  uninterruptable electricity supply. Power cables are known as the only  source for fires occurred in a Data Center, If the design process  doesn’t proceed based on engineering principles, it can have irreparable  consequences.

According to the vast experience on the design and implementation  of the iDC Hot & Cold Aisle Containment, TIAM Networks Company deals  with the electrical section in a Data Center, as follows:


  • Calculate the Data Center loads and determine their consumption
  • Design of all Data Center panels including main, UPS, cooling, emergency power (Diesel Generator) panels
  • Calculations to select the appropriate UPS and battery requirements according to the power supply time
  • Calculation of the proper choice of diesel generator (emergency power)
  • Computing the lighting of the Data Center and determining the amount of lux required in the rooms
  • Calculation of all cables required in a Data Center including cable type, length, cross-section, etc.
  • Calculating and designing Plots and layouts for the infrastructure  of the electric cables and the paths of the cables in a Data Center


4- Telecommunication

The two standards of ISO 24764 and TIA-942 are considered data  center cabling, and compliance with the standard structure of cabling in  the data center, that helps us to not encounter any port management  problems while the data center is operating.


Fixed cabling should provide the following two foundations for the user:

  • Supports a wide range of available and required user accounts.
  • Estimate the capacity required for supported applications by installing a permanent cabling system.


TIAM Network for cabling Data Center performs the following steps:

  • survey of the project location and prepare preliminary plots
  • Telecommunication cable design
  • Selecting rack location according to existing standards
  • Selection and preparation of telecommunication cable communication equipment list
  • Provide a layout and list of required equipment for the employer
  • Providing copper and fiber optic cables
  • Installation of the rack and the arrangement of telecommunication cables
  • Installation of trays and rack ladders
  • Testing and labeling
  • Documentation


Hot /Cold Aisle Containment

General and special features of the iDC Hot and Cold Aisle Containment

The general features of the hot and cold aisle containments  (designed, manufactured and implemented by TIAM Network) are 90%  identical in components. These features selection are depending on the  environmental conditions, the requirements of the employer and the  location of the data center or the server room. In accordance with the  physical conditions of the Data Center, its requirements, the amount of  power consuming equipment, the choice of technology used in the cooling  system, as well as the employer's limitations, the list of equipment and  services are provided.

Due to the fact that all the components needed to create Hot and  Cold Aisle Containment infrastructure are designed and implemented by  the company, customization can be done based on the specific need of the  employer.

Also, after-sales service is available to employers in the least possible time and at an affordable price.