Power Distribution Unit

iDC Hot and Cold Aisle Containment (Power Distribution Units)

After designing and implementing all sections in a iDC Hot and Cold  Aisle Containment, it is essential that the equipment installed on the  racks be connected to the proper power supply. Due to the fact that many  equipment is installed in the racks of computer's room, more sockets  are required for connection of the equipment. Therefore, power  distribution unit is needed.

TIAM Network Co. designs and produces a variety of Power Distribution  Units with different powers (from16 to 96 amps) and according to the  power consumption of the equipment installed on the racks. The variety  of products with the wide range of electrical current consumption and  the variety of outlets make it possible to meet all consumer needs.


General features of Power Distribution Units for iDC Hot and Cold Aisle Containment

  • Designed in accordance with Iran Power System 50-60 Hz/ 220~230V
  • Reduce electrical risk by removing the internal wiring and replacing it with integrated copper sheens
  • Provide with Sockets and frame slider modules
  • Aluminum body for the sake of beauty and greater harmony with the environment
  • Equipped with rotatable brackets for mounting on rack and wall
  • Equipped with key to disconnect and connect input power with protective cap
  • Operation range of 0  to 50  degrees centigrade


Specific features of hot and cold hot and cold iDC PDUs

  • Equipped with a display (7 Segments) to display the voltage and current consumption
  • Modular structure with the possibility of installing up to 5  modules  for user convenience of selecting the number and type of outlet
  • Supports single-phase current, 32  and 63  amps
  • Support for 3-phase current, 32  Amp
  • IP Based Internet Protocol
  • Equipped with a warning system for abnormal voltage and current
  • Two ports for installation of temperature and humidity sensors
  • Ability to define the ranges for current and voltage consumption
  • With a maximum of 42  ports out of the C13 and C19  sockets


Power Distribution Units with the ability to connect to two independent sources


ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)

Increasing the safety factor and minimizing the interruption of the  input power of active equipment is one of the most critical issues of  this equipment, if for any reason, the input power of this equipment is  disconnected, irreparable damage will occur. To solve this critical  issue, TIAM Network has managed to design and deliver a different  product to meet the consumer's needs. This type of power has two  independent inputs and two independent power cables, and the switching  time from the first source to the second one is so fast that it is not  felt for by active equipment.

The product uses the power electronic elements and switching time to  less than a period of power input. This causes rapid transfer from one  input to another one when the power is interrupted in one of them, so  that the power consumer device doesn’t notice it and prevent the  "shutdown" of the equipment