Wall Mounted Racks

Based on Structured Cabling Principles, LANs consist of the following five sections:


  • Demarcation Point
  • Telecommunication Room
  • Backbone (Vertical Cabling)
  • Distribution (Horizontal Cabling)
  • Work Area


Therefore, in accordance with the model presented in the structured  cabling standard, wall mounted racks are generally considered as a  subset of the TR room.

Based on three-layer LAN model of the Enterprise Campus, wall mounted  racks are primarily used to deploy all types of Passive and Active  devices in low-density segments of the Access layer.

Obviously, the connection between these access layer racks with  distribution and the central layer racks is provided Through the  backbone cabling.

The wall mounted racks of TIAM Network Co. are designed in accordance  with the relevant standards for different uses, in various colors and  models, for the purpose of providing different tastes and dimensions.

The ECO rack is Considered with economical leverage, Base rack designed  for general application, and Hide rack for optimum use of space, and  minimum conflict with interior design, is considered for luxury office  environments.

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