ECO Rack-4506

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Product code : TRE-4506-en

The wall mounted racks of TIAM Network Co. are designed in accordance  with the relevant standards for different uses, in various colors and  models, for the purpose of providing different tastes and dimensions.The ECO rack is Considered with economical leverage, Base rack designed  for general application, and Hide rack for optimum use of space, and  minimum conflict with interior design, is considered for luxury office  environments.

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Thank for your trust

The Warranty of UNICOM is 24 months

Security, Side Features

  • Stock size 6U and 9U )width: 56 cm,  depths: 45  and 60 cm)
  • Glass door with switch lock
  • Plastic bumper, holder on rack
  • One-pair side panels for ease of access to the equipment from the side of the rack and equipped with a switch lock
  • Possibility of installing an AC fan in the ceiling for air conditioning


Cable Arrangement

  • Top & Bottom Cable Entry


Ease of Installation of Equipment, Strength, Static

  • 2 vertical rails in the 6U model and 4  vertical rails in the 9U model
  • Thickness of rails: 1.25 mm, to provide greater strength and stability
  • Reinforcing the rear rack door in order to strengthen the rack to install the wall


Consistency with Interior Decoration

  • Glass front door of rack
  • Black Coating paint for office environmental coordination


The Distinctive Features of the ECO Rack, in Comparison to Other Racks, are:

  • Simple design
  • Cheapest wall-mounted rack


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