Ultra Rack-6009

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Product code : TRU-6009

The wall mounted racks of TIAM Network Co. are designed in accordance  with the relevant standards for different uses, in various colors and  models, for the purpose of providing different tastes and dimensions.The ECO rack is Considered with economical leverage, Base rack designed  for general application, and Hide rack for optimum use of space, and  minimum conflict with interior design, is considered for luxury office  environments.

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Thank for your trust

The Warranty of UNICOM is 24 months
  • Stock size 9U (Special size available upon request)
  • 60cm wide and 51cm deep
  • Complies with IEC297 standard
  • Removable Fan Roof for dust protection
  • Two adjustable 19” panel mounting angles in the front with U indicator
  • Complies with Communication, Computer & Sound system 19” standard
  • Swing handle for front door
  • Top & Bottom Cable Entry
  • Full metal body
  • Welded chassis for greater strength
  • Powder coated paint for longer life & scratch resistance
  • Two colored coordination for more beauty
  • Fixed mounting posts at the rear
  • Earth system
  • Supplied fully assembled
  • Wide range of accessories
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Two Power outlets & one switch with On/Off indicator for Fan
  • Changeable fuse for Fan protection
  • Snap in hinges for quick & easy door removal
  • Colored glass front door with strong frame
  • Security locks for both front door & side panel
  • Removable side panel giving enhanced access
  • Ventilated panel allows cooling in case of fan failure
  • Equipped with1 top mounted AC Fan
  • Adjustable Fan assembly for exterior fan maintenance
  • Removable Cap for bottom Cable Entry
  • Equipped with Brushes at top Cable Entry to prevent dust & insects
  • Equipped with an intelligent digital board
  • LCD panel with green back-light to display the internal condition
  • Simultaneous display of internal temperature and humidity
  • Adjusting the internal temperature directly or via remote computer
  • Temperature setting from 00C to 990C
  • Hygrometer supports up to 100% humidity
  • Software monitoring via RS232 port
  • Provided with Management-through-computer software
  • Fan Status LED
  • Thermostat Fan control
  • Less noise through less Fan operation
  • Reducing Fan depreciation for fan long life
  • Longer life of all equipment


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