Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities

One of the key points of a knowledge-based company, is reflecting its  knowledge & experience in the community. Based on this belief, our  company has done many activities as follows:


1)    Translating & Printing the TIA-942 Standards for Data Center

2)    Posting TIA-942 standards book for Government IT Managers as well  as for libraries in IT faculties of universities around Iran for free.

3)    Printing TIAM quarterly Magazine including two technical  articles, introducing the latest news, technology & products,  management tips & successful stories in each issue and posting them  to IT Managers for free.

4)    Design & print the TIAM management daily by choosing 365  sentences famous people & managers around the world & post to  the customers for free.   

5)    Sending the monthly IT e-Magazine with topics of IT society news,  technical & scientific news, economics & management tips.

6)    Sending SMS in any national & religious days as well as for YOUR BIRTHDAY!