Special Racks

According to the needs of its users, TIAM Network has designed a  different category of racks called Special Racks in three models: Open  Rack, MD Rack and Cool Rack.


Cool Racks

Small or medium organizations usually use a single rack to install IT  equipment. In this rack, servers, storage equipment, communication  switches and Rack Mounted UPS (if any) are placed. Due to the production  of heat by these equipment, in order to function continuously, it is  necessary to cool down the rack.

The Cool Rack system has been designed and manufactured for such  organizations to provide space for equipment installation and provide  proper cooling for the rack. The system consists of a rack with a height  of 35 units, and a 3.5 kW low-power air cooler, which is used to  provide internal rack cooling. The integrity of the cooling system with  the structure of the rack is the most important advantage of this  system. In this way, the user does not need to provide a separate  cooling system for the rack.


MD Racks

In order to launch the micro-data center, secure racks called MD Racks  are provided. this types of rack are used when space limitations exist  for Data Center setup and the complete security required by the user.  They can also play the role of backup racks from the original Data  Center. The ability to filter electromagnetic waves, support for passive  defense requirements and equipped with a standardized integrated DX  cooling system, distinguishes safe racks from other racks.


Open Racks

To provide the needs of users inside the training labs and  telecommunication sites, and providing the needs of the servers in the  Data Center and server rooms, the Open or without frame, called Frame  Rack and Data Rack are Designed by TIAM Network

In addition to the easy access to the two sides, the open racks are  capable of installing a variety of standard network equipment, and  various accessories that are also available for the complete arrangement  of cables and connections for this equipment.

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