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Product code : TRD-6042-en

POD Rack Features: Large amount of cables are in this rack, Easy access to installed equipment, Double-sided equipment (front and rear)

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Thank for your trust

The Warranty of UNICOM is 24 months


  • Stock size 42U (Special size available upon request)
  • 60cm wide and 24cm deep
  • Complies with IEC297 standard
  • Easy access to all equipment
  • Managing and decorating a huge number of cables
  • Suitable for the standard fiber optic and copper cable patch panels
  • Both rear and front side set up
  • Possibility of installing the HD (High-Density) cable management boxes
  • Vertical and horizontal HD box installation
  • Prongs on the HD cable management boxes to arrange the cables
  • Covers on HD cable management boxes for more beauty
  • Top, bottom and side cable entry
  • Cable hooks on side panels
  • Possibility of using high density cable ties to lead the cables
  • Possibility of using cable leading panels
  • Parallel installation and extension as far as needed
  • Optional cable ladder between the 2 racks
  • Possibility of fixing the rack to the top ladders
  • Marked units through the numbered holes
  • 19" panel mounting angles with U indicator
  • Ground fixing possibility for more stability
  • Full metal body
  • Welded chassis for greater strength
  • Powder coated paint for longer life & scratch resistance
  • Black color for more beauty
  • Earth System
  • 1 year limited warranty*


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