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Product code : TRC-1043

Small or medium organizations usually use a single rack to install IT  equipment. In this rack, servers, storage equipment, communication  switches and Rack Mounted UPS (if any) are placed. Due to the production  of heat by these equipment, in order to function continuously, it is  necessary to cool down the rack.The Cool Rack system has been designed and manufactured for such  organizations to provide space for equipment installation and provide  proper cooling for the rack. The system consists of a rack with a height  of 35 units, and a 3.5 kW low-power air cooler, which is used to  provide internal rack cooling. The integrity of the cooling system with  the structure of the rack is the most important advantage of this  system. In this way, the user does not need to provide a separate  cooling system for the rack.

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                               Proper use of space, proper access, security

  • 43U (35U + 8U side) with the ability to use up to 68U, to fit standard equipment with a low depth, 80cm width and100 cm depth
  • Considering adequate space in the post of rack, to place the power  distribution unit (Zero Unit) without the need to occupy the useful  space of the rack
  • Two-leaves horizontally installed side panels to increase the useful  space and ease of access to the equipment from the sides of the rack.
  • Two-leaves rear door, to ease of accessing the equipment at the end of  the rack with locking switch and rotary handle (Rittal design)
  • Switching Lock for front doors and external handles (Rittal design) for the main door
  • Two door (two-layer), with the possibility to open the external glass door to use Free Cooling


Cable guidance and management

  • Folding rails to create the proper space for cable guidance inside the  rails, and using oval punches on the rails, to enter and exit the  cables
  • Increase the width of the vertical rails ,and using the T punches on  them as well as reinforcement arms for installing the cable holders, to  facilitate cable guiding at the height and depth of the rack
  • The design of the bottom tray, to cross the patch panel with the  cables connected to it, during the displacement of the equipment or  changing the rack


Ease of installation for equipment, strength, Stability

  • Insert the white unit counter on the 4 vertical rails, for easy installation of the equipment
  • Convenience and consistency in the installation of all standard network equipment and servers
  • Ability to adjust the distance between the rails in the depths of the  rack according to the depth of the equipment, without the need of a  specific tool (Tool Less) and using the manual tightening mechanism,  instead of bolt and nut connections.
  • Load toleration up to 1000 kg
  • Change the welded connections of the 3 reinforcement arms (to the front and rear post) to increase the Stability and strength
  • Reducing rack weight by changing the technology and using production  engineering methods, for easy displacement, along with increasing the  quality and strength of parts.
  • Use rails with 2mm thickness for greater strength
  • The use of a double sheet and a change in the shape of the bend of the post and rails for greater strength


One of the distinguishing features of the Cool Rack compared to other racks

  • Integrated and complete installation of the cooling system on the rack
  • Cooler being put in the circuit immediately with power supply, without waste of time
  • Blowing cold air in the front of the units and sucking it from the back of the rack
  • Inverter Technology with Energy A+ category
  • Variable speed Fan and compressor with low noise
  • Cooling power kW 3.5
  • Piping for drain system to the bottom of rack with professional  sealing, to zero down the risk of water penetration into the rack
  • Two front top on top door, with the possibility of opening the outside glass door, to use Free Cooling
  • Possibility to add a 2.5kW cooler device to the side of the rack


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