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Increasing the number of applications in computer networks (video  monitoring systems, Internet, cable TVs, telephones, wireless systems,  etc.) caused to increase the volume of cables associated with the  network and related platforms. Hence, the most important challenge for  network designers and employers is the use of new solutions that allow  easy cable management and subsequent changes and developments in the  shortest possible time.Frame Rack is the most up-to-date solution for cable management in  standard texts. TIAM Network Co. has developed Frame Rack with the  latest technology and aluminum chassis to provide the best solution  available in this family of rack with the most efficiency, stability,  and harmony. Frame Rack, as a distribution point of service, from server  equipment to client equipment, can be the best choice for cable  distribution and better physical as well as logical management of cables  in data centers and computer networks.

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Frame Rack usage include:

  1. Broad communication networks in government organizations, commercial complexes, residential complexes and so on
  2. Data centers with a large number of racks and large connections

Frame Rack in broad communication networks (government organizations, commercial complexes, residential complexes and so on)


The lack of Frame Rack in communication networks causes problems such as:

  • It is not possible to separate all types of cable’s usage
  • Difficult management in change and development
  • The impossibility of arrangement and proper classification


The Advantages of using Frame Rack in Broad Communication Networks

  • Installation of network equipment
  • Improved usage of space and equipment placement
  • Maintaining reliable distance between the network cable and the power supply


Frame Rack at Data Centers with high rack numbers and high connectivity

The lack of Frame Rack in Data Centers with High numbers of rack causes problems such as:

  • Inappropriate air circulation inside the Data Center rows due to human traffic
  • Maintain the heat in the racks and the lack of proper dissipation of  heat to the back of the rack, due to inappropriate cable arrangement
  • Higher human error
  • Possible interruption in the power of the Rack, due to interference between network and power cables
  • Increasing maintenance and upgradee time


The Advantages of using Frame Rack in the outside of the hot and cold aisle containment of iDC package

  • Appropriate air circulation and avoid Hot Spot
  • Reducing human error
  • Separation of cables with different usage
  • Future development of equipment in the shortest time
  • Separate active equipment space from the passive ones


The Advantage of using aluminum in the construction of the rack

  • More stable
  • Lighter weight
  • Different Bending Process
  • Removing momentary vibrations
  • Simple and beautiful appearance
  • Possibility to install various network and switching equipment


Proper use of space, proper access, security

  • 42U with 52.5cm width and 15cm depth
  • An aluminum chassis designed to reduce the weight of the rack  (lightweight structure), more strength and prevent noise effects.
  • Electrostatic powder paint for greater durability
  • Installable basket in the middle of the rack
  • Capability to install the basket for power distribution units holder
  • Suitable for medium and large size of Data Centers and extensive communication networks
  • Hinges on both adaptors, allowing the door to open from both sides


Ease of installation for equipment, strength, Stability

  • Grounding-compatible, stability and high load tolerance
  • Ability to increase and future expansion in the number of equipment by  making the least changes in the cabling system without disturbing the  current order in the shortest possible time
  • Easy access to installed equipment
  • Ability to install equipment from both sides (from front and back)
  • Ability to install various types of standard fiber optic and copper cables patch panels
  • Ability to install large and small baskets with a 5mm wire metal structure, to manage the high density cabling
  • Double-Sided punch on vertical rails for easy installation


Cable guidance and management

  • Managing large volume of cable
  • Ability to cross the cable from the top, bottom and both sides of the rack
  • Ability to use cable guide panels
  • Possibility to connect the rack to the ladder, for entering and exiting cables
  • Hinges opening from both sides, at the middle of the racks, if there is a high cable density
  • Possibility of installing the cable holder on the rack height, front,  back, and side walls of the basket to guide and arrange the cables.


The distinguishing features of the Frame Rack compared to other racks

  • Using 3 mm thick rails and 6 mm thick chassis for greater strength
  • Parallel Rack connectivity and increase to the desired numbers depending on the cable density in the Data Center
  • Integrated body with U-shaped vertical rails for greater strength
  • Supports up to 1728 cables of patch cord in Channel (A)
  • Supports up to 390 cables of CAT 6 and 230 cables of CAT 6A Channel (B)
  • Supports up to 165 cables of CAT 6 and 115 cables of CAT 6A Channel (C)


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