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Product code : TRM-1042

In order to launch the micro-data center, secure racks called MD Racks  are provided. this types of rack are used when space limitations exist  for Data Center setup and the complete security required by the user.  They can also play the role of backup racks from the original Data  Center. The ability to filter electromagnetic waves, support for passive  defense requirements and equipped with a standardized integrated DX  cooling system, distinguishes safe racks from other racks.

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Proper use of Space, Proper Access, Security

  • 42U with outer dimensions: Width of 90, Depth of 120  and Height of  226.5 cm (without EMP filter) and 260.5 cm (with EMP filter) and with  inner dimensions: Width of 70, Depth of 100 and Height of 200 cm
  • Ability to shield against electromagnetic waves according to customer's request
  • Considering adequate space in the post of rack, to place the power  distribution unit (Zero Unit) without the need to occupy the useful  space of the rack
  • With side doors, single sided front and back doors, and a tray with  two separate layers, for insulating materials such as rock wool and  elastomeric foam to prevent the heat exchanges
  • Creating bridges at door points to the main chassis for installing  electromagnetic shield seals and injecting foam (to provide the desired  IP identifier)
  • Injecting foam to prevent dust and moisture, with 55IP
  • Ease of access to front and rear of equipment and providing conditions for periodic cooling services
  • Ability to customize according to user need
  • Equipped with a safe deposit box lock system (lever handle) and a  switching lock and if necessary, customize the access mechanism
  • Can be carried by forklift truck (from floor), and crane (from the roof)
  • It is possible to install a maximum of two coolers with a nominal power of 2.5 or 5 kW (each cooler)


Cable Guidance and Management

  • Roof of rack is designed for entering the power and data cables (fiber  optic cables) and, if necessary, provide infrastructure for copper  cables, and an EMP filter connection, capable of supporting various  electrical charges according to the needs of the employer to the  different single-phase current


Ease of Installation for Equipment, Strength, Stability

  • Insert the white unit counter on the 4 vertical rails, for easy installation of the equipment
  • Convenience and consistency in the installation of all standard network equipment and servers
  • Using bolts for connecting vertical rack adapters, to horizontal arms
  • The use of double sheet and change in pivoting posts and rails, to strengthen more
  • Load toleration up to 1000 kg
  • Use of bolted and welded connections, at different levels, depending  on usage, according to the principles of protection against  electromagnetic waves and according to highest Stability state, Load  toleration and impeccability
  • Using rails with 2mm thickness for greater strength


The Distinguishing Features of the MD Rack Compared to Other Racks

  • To implement the micro data center
  • To support passive defense requirements
  • Equipped with multi-thread Safeguard lock system and switching lock, can be replaced with PIN code lock
  • Installation of up to 2 standard integrated DX cooling systems with  power of 2.5 or 5 kW, depending on the power consumption of the rack
  • Ability to open the roof of rack, in accordance with all the standard principles in the electromagnetic shields section
  • Equipped with the EMP filter on the roof of the shield racks, to  filter the incoming electromagnetic waves through the main power input  cable
  • Capable of installing an optical isolator, to enter copper cables into the rack
  • Protection Level of 55  IP, protection against water and dust


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