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Product code : TRM-1035

In order to launch the micro-data center, secure racks called MD Racks  are provided. this types of rack are used when space limitations exist  for Data Center setup and the complete security required by the user.  They can also play the role of backup racks from the original Data  Center. The ability to filter electromagnetic waves, support for passive  defense requirements and equipped with a standardized integrated DX  cooling system, distinguishes safe racks from other racks.

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The Warranty of UNICOM is 24 months

Rack Dimension:

• Stock size 35U

• External Dimension:   85cm width ,120cm depth and 182cm height

• Interior Dimension: 65cm width, 100cm depth and 165cm height

Door, Side Panels and Framework:

• Full  metal,  front and rear door with step structure for installing  electromagnetic sealant to protect devices from dust and humidity 

• Removable side panels giving enhanced access

• Glazed Floor tray with 2 separate layers for placement rockwool and prevent heat exchange

• Electromechanic Access control via electrical lock and openable mechanism, cart, code(and finger print access)

• Welded chassis for greater strength

•  Powder Coated paint for longer life & scratch resistance

• Up to 1 ton weigh tolerance

• Supplied fully assembled


Rails, Bars and Strengthening Arms:

• Thick (2mm) iron Rails for greater strength

• White unit identifiers on 4 vertical rail for ease of equipment installation

• Complies with IEC60297 standard

•  Complies with Communication, Computer & Sound system 19” standard

• Adjustable rails distance in Rack's depth

• Wide range of accessories

• Changing form of bending rails, for more strength

• Using Brackets next to the rails for the installation of Zero Unit  PDUs 

Cable entry:

• Openable floor tray to install gland and PDUs (32 amp single phase) for cable entry 

• bending rails stud to cable guiding inside the rails and mounted Oval punch on rails to cable entry

• Increasing  the width of the vertical rails with square punch and also on  strengthening arms to installing seat belt mounting bracket

Fan and Other Accessories:

• Enclosure cooling systems (5kw) installed on front or rear door and 7.5kw on top of the rack

• Earth system on rack chassis 

• Ceiling hook for easy movement

• Possibility of installing casters or fixed feet


Distinctive Features of Safe Rack:

• Using for setting up a micro datacenter

• Supports passive defense requirements

• Access control systems with defined access permissions

• Enclosure cooling system with different ranges of capacity and possibility to install on front or rear door or top of the rack

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