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Your Problem is Our Problem.


Before you submit a technical support request, please browse TIAM's  "FAQs". Most open issues can usually be answered by one of the FAQ's  available or can be found in the Manual.

 If you are unable to find a solution to your question on our website  or Manual, please send email to or contact (+98  21) 6694 2323. The Toll Free phone is also available for Silver &  Gold warranty: (900) 212TIAM .

We will make our best effort to provide you with assistance, but we  will need your help. Please mention the requested information in your  email or be prepared before contact.

1) Please write down the Model No., Part No., and Serial No. as well as Firmware and/or Driver version information.

2) Kindly describe your computing environment. What are you using in  your network? For PC's please be ready to provide Hardware description  & OS description.

3) What were you doing when the problem occurred? Specific steps that you took before the problem occurred.

4) Also please mention the Error Messages. Often you will have received an error- message.

5) With what frequency are you experiencing the problem?


Tech. Support Dept.