Customization Services

TIAM Network Co., along with the advancement in the quality of IT  infrastructure available in the country, with the aim to reduce the  existing problems, offered the services for the customization of data  centers. Although companies and organizations are aware of the benefits  of using the hot and cold aisle containment, many of them have to use  existing infrastructure equipment such as rack and cooling systems,  because of spatial or financial constraints, and applying this solution  has been delayed or abandoned.

Because of the available automatic machines and systems inside the  country, and the ability to customize the hot and cold aisle  containment’s structure despite the limitations of the data center  space, TIAM Network provides the possibility of operating with a cold or  hot aisle containment solution, by eliminating the necessity of fully  matched racks and cooling systems used in the hot and cold aisle  containment, with applying the minimal changes and utilization within  the existing facilities.

Meanwhile, the domestic production of the associated products with this  solution comes with significant savings and facilitates the use of this  solution.


Customization of the iDC Hot and Cold aisle containment with a variety of cooling systems in the data center

Using the Hot and Cold aisle containment to prevent the interaction of  warm and cold air in the data center, while optimizing the distribution  of cold air and collection of warm air, regardless of the type of  cooling system in the data center, including HVAC, In-Row, SPLIT, etc.,  will increase the efficiency of the cooling systems by at least 20%.  TIAM Networks, with its customization capability, has made it possible  to match the hot and cold aisle containment and iRACK rack with a  variety of In-Row coolers from various business brands.

Customization of the iDC Hot and Cold aisle containment with all types of available rack in the data center

If consumers are willing to continue to use their current racks in  their data center, TIAM Networks will customize the structure of the Hot  and Cold aisle containment by modifying the existing structure and  keeping old racks along with other new racks.


Customization of the iDC Hot and Cold aisle containment with the limitations in the allocated space for the data center

In the case of physical constraints in the allocated space for the data  center, including the presence of a column in the space where the Hot  and Cold aisle containment is deployed and other common constraints,  TIAM Network Co., has solved the problem and implemented a Hot and Cold  aisle containment as much as possible, by applying modifications in Hot  and Cold aisle containment structure, and using the maximum available  space. .if there are inadequate width for the aisle's, it will possible  to use a one lane Hot or Cold aisle containment solution.

Given the advancement of technology and the increasing need for  effective equipment to improve the standard of living, determining the  criteria for selecting equipment is very important.

One of the most important centers in each country is the data center,  which provides a complete and detail services according to its  structure. In fact, this service can be at the level of small companies,  large organizations and national service centers.

Given the importance of the Data Center, it is important to select and  use appropriate equipment in the Data Center infrastructure

and one of the important factors in choosing this infrastructure is the  attention to after-sales service and the use of domestic potential, so  that it is possible to receive the necessary repairs and services as  soon as possible and at the lowest cost.


Given that the data centers that are implemented in Iran, are generally  built in administrative space, does not meet the standard requirements,  this causes many problems for organizations and institutions that  support it. To address and solve this problem, TIAM Network have been  manufacturing the closed cold or hot corridor with all accessories in  accordance with the standards in this field, since 1389

Due to the fact that all stages of design and construction are carried  out by the experts of the company, the possibility of customizing this  product in accordance with the needs of the employer will be easily  possible.


The company's services in the areas that require customization are as follows:

  1. Optimization of the old cooling system, in terms of power and appearance
  2. Optimization of energy consumption in the cooling unit by creating a  hot or cold aisle containment, in accordance with existing equipment
  3. Converting the rack arrangement to the hot or cold aisle containment  without changing the rack arrangement, including two-leaves door,  ceiling panels, ceiling trunks for cable installation, etc.
  4. Replacing old cooling systems with new equipment
  5. Optimizing existing equipment and extending it by using new equipment along with old ones, such as rack, cooling system, etc.
  6. Installation and combination of racks and a new cooling system with existing equipment (different trading titles)
  7. Design and implementation of a hot and cold aisle containment, in  accordance with the active architectural conditions, even in the  presence of structural columns within the space
  8. Design and implementation of a hot and cold aisle containment, in accordance with the height of the considered space
  9. producing rack and cooling system in accordance with the needs of the employer