TIAM has remained vigilant at protecting the environment along its all activities.



Using energy saving computers, monitors, copiers, lights as well as  recycling paper & plastic are among our general principles to  protect the environment.

Even in our products, we offer Intelli, Digi+ & Hyper Racks with  outstanding features. With the aid of this Intelligent system you can  control the inside temperature of the racks and consequently it leads to  extending the life of your equipment as well as saving more energy. Air  purifier module in Digi+ & Hyper Racks creates the positive ion  therefore it increases the working life of devices by reducing dust  & dirt.

The Cold/Hot Aisle containment is one of our solutions at Data centers  for much better performance in cooling systems. Only a few countries  have this technology and, Iran is one of them, but our R&D dept. is  still working hard to develop cutting-edge products. Also by new  punching tools, we have achieved up to 80% air flow in doors &  panels for maximum cooling at minimum price.

Our goal is not only at workplace & products, but also in a wide  range of technical fields. For instance, fire distinguishing; FM200 gas  is our top priority offer because of being safe & ozone-friendly.

Eventually, to reduce the volume of traffic and air pollution,  out-sourcing & teleworking strategy have been applied by our  company. TIAM has had a telework staff since 2010 who has been working  at home but at TIAM!