Cooling System

iDC Hot and Cold Aisle Containment (Cooling System)

One of the components of the Hot and Cold Aisle Containment is the  cooling system. This system is providing adequate cold air in a Cold and  Hot Aisle Containment, based on the standard. According to the  explication of TIA-942 Standard, the appropriate temperature for active  network equipment, such as switches, servers, storage devices, should be  in the range of 18-27 Centigrade.

Given the need for continuous and uninterrupted operation (24× 7), the  use of equipment providing the permanent conditions for this process is  essential, when choosing this equipment by the employer. On the other  hand, given that the components of this system include mechanical,  electrical and electronic equipment, the terms of its after-sales  service are also important.

Since 2010, TIAM Network has been designing, manufacturing and  installing cooling systems in accordance with the geographic conditions  of Iran, and is now proud to be the first manufacturer of Data Center  cooling system equipment in Iran.

Cooling products of TIAM Network Company are produced and installed in two types of water cooled and DX systems.


General features of Cooling System of the iDC Hot and Cold Aisle Containment

  • Special design for installation among racks
  • Special design to guide the flow of air to front of cooling system
  • Special design for conducting cold air into the rack and collecting warm air from inside the rack
  • Industrial cooler with full-time use of 7 × 24
  • Equipped with insulating copper pipes to reduce heat dissipation
  • Equipped with two removable panels with slider tabs to access the interior
  • Equipped with a centrifugal fan system for directing air in to the front of cooling system
  • Works in both cooling and fan mode
  • Drain system to evacuate evaporator condensing water
  • Designed in accordance with the Iran’s’ Power System
  • Welded metal body for greater strength
  • Electrostatic powder paint

Cooling systems consist of three main parts of the internal unit, an  external unit, and a panel (including power and control equipment).


Specific features of Cooling System of the iDC Hot and Cold Aisle Containment

Internal unit for Cooling System of iDC Hot and Cold Aisle Containment

  • Based on the design and simulation, it is placed inside the hot and cold Aisle Containment
  • Compatible with other iDC hot and cold equipment
  • The height of202  to 205  cm and the width of 30 cm in the DX system
  • Height 202  to 205  cm and width of30  and60 cm in the chilled water system
  • Designed and built domestically by Iranian engineers
  • Customization in accordance with customer requirements
  • nominal power of 20 kW with depths of 100  and 120  cm, in accordance with the depth of adjacent racks


External Unit of Cooling System of the iDC Hot and Cold Aisle Containment

  • It is placed outside the Data Center environment
  • Ability to dispose of indoor unit heat to outside environment
  • Using the condenser as the external unit of the DX system
  • Using the chiller as an external CW unit (Child Water)
  • In DX systems, for each internal unit, there is an external unit
  • Maximum piping length between internal and external units in DX system  is about 40  meters with height difference less than15  meters


Power and control panel of the Cooling System of the iDC Hot and Cold Aisle Containment

  • Power Distribution and Control Equipment are separately located in this unit
  • Ability to monitor, control, and distribute all of the cooling units  input powers in a central unit, within the iDC Hot and Cold Aisle  Containment.
  • Increasing the redundancy of the input power of the cooling systems, by using the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)
  • Spending minimum cost to increase redundancy
  • Increase the reliability and maximum availability of the control and  monitoring system for the input power required for the cooling systems  through one or more uninterrupted power lines
  • Sending notification messages, alerts and ... through communication channels such as email, SMS and ...

Cooling Solution