Side Air Flow Cooling System

In this cooling solution, cooling units are placed between racks. By  directing cold air to the sides, air temperature of side racks is  moderated. Side Air Flow Cooling Technology is a special kind of In-Row  systems in which technical considerations are taken into account. When  the systems are placed between racks, the cooling systems release cold  air from both sides and this leads to presence of cold air in front of  adjacent racks.

General Features of Side Air Flow Cooling Systems

  • Special design in order to install between racks
  • Special design to direct the air flow to the sides
  • Full-time industrial cooling (7 × 24)
  • Equipped with two panels with sliding tabs for easy access interior equipment
  • Radial fans for directing air in the radial direction of fans (r axis in polar coordinates)
  • Function in both cooling and fan mode
  • Drain system for discharging evaporator condensed water
  • Designed in accordance with Iran's power system
  • Welded metal body for greater strength
  • Electrostatic powder paint

Side Air Flow Cooling Products of TIAM Network Company include:

  1. Side Air Flow cooling system with a capacity of 5 refrigeration tons compatible with Chilled Water, and DX systems
  2. Side Air Flow chilled water cooling system, 600 mm width with capacity control

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