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Product code : TRD-5735

To provide the needs of users inside the training labs and  telecommunication sites, and providing the needs of the servers in the  Data Center and server rooms, the Open or without frame, called Frame  Rack and Data Rack are Designed by TIAM Network In addition to the easy access to the two sides, the open racks are  capable of installing a variety of standard network equipment, and  various accessories that are also available for the complete arrangement  of cables and connectotions for this equipment.

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                                Proper Use of Space, Proper Access

  • Stock size 35U with 51.5cm width and 57 cm depth (for post)
  • Suitable for training centers, testing, exhibitions and telecommunication sites
  • Electrostatic powder paint for longer life & scratch resistance


Cable Guidance and Management

  • Ability to direct cables between vertical rails, for cabling arrangement cabling
  • 19  inches space between rails ,in accordance with the IEC 60297standard (for computer, telecommunication and audio)


Ease of Installation for Equipment, Strength, Stability

  • metal structure for greater strength
  • Using the rails with1.5  mm thick for more strength
  • Providing the unit counter on the vertical rails, for easy installation of the equipment
  • Two-way punch on the vertical rails to install equipment from each side
  • Easy access to all equipment
  • Four castors for easy moving
  • Equipped with stopper for front castors


The Distinguishing Features of the Data Rack Compared to Other Racks

  • Two W-shaped vertical rails for greater strength
  • Light weight for easy moving
  • Easy access to all equipment from each side


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