iDC Hot and Cold Aisle Containment (Trunk)

In the iDC Hot and Cold Aisle Containment of the TIAM Network Company,  to comply with the standard rules for electrical and data cabling in the  data center, metal roof trunks were designed and manufactured, which  according to their type of structure, support all needed cable  infrastructures for iDC Hot and Cold Aisle Containment. this trunk is  designed of three floors and each floor is separated from other floors.  The body of these trunks is made of steel plate and allows the  installation of copper cables, optical fiber and electrical power  cables. Since the complete process of design and construction of the  Trunk is made by this company, customization of this product is also  possible.


General features of iDC Hot and Cold Aisle Containment TRUNKS

  • A main chassis with three separate floors, in the form of seams and tabs
  • Easy process for removing or moving the floors
  • Offered in three different sizes
  • Creating integrated structure using separate modules on top of racks,  cooling systems, and also made a connection between two rows of racks  from the top of the iDC Hot and Cold Aisle Containment.
  • Providing different openings on the floors of the trunks for the cable arrangement and management.


Specific Features of ceiling trunks

60 cm ceiling trunk

  • Length 60, Width 25  ,and Height15  cm
  • Can be used on a rack with a width of60  cm


30  cm ceiling trunk

  • Length 30, Width 25  ,and Height 15  cm
  • Can be used on the cooling system with a width of 30  cm


130  cm ceiling trunk

  • Length 130, Width 25  ,and Height 5  cm
  • Providing connection between the rack and the cooling system rows on either side of the iDC Hot and Cold Aisle Containment.


In designing the above mentioned parts, all financial and technical  conditions of the project will be considered, and employers, based on  predefined cost and budget will be able to choose any of the proposed  solutions. Due to the fact that the design and construction of all the  mentioned products is done domestically, it is possible to upgrade or  change it at any time and with a reasonable cost.