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Product code : TRI-1042

The rack is one of the main components of the Hot and Cold Aisle  Containment used to install active and passive equipment. TIAM Network  Co. uses the racks that manufactured at its factory for the iDC Hot and  Cold Aisle Containment and to complete this solution. As a result, the  selection of rack in this section is based on employers taste and  choise. Ultimately, based on the requirements and the needs, the  employer chooses one of the racks manufactured by the TIAM Network  company from the subset of the Server rack.

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Proper Use of Space, Proper Access, Security

  • Stock size 42U with 60cm width and 100cm depth in three models of simple, perforated and chassis
  • Consider the space in the column of rack, to place the power  distribution unit (Zero Unit) without the need to occupy the useful  space of the rack
  • Side panels with two horizontal sections, to increase the useful space  and enhanced access to the equipment from the sides of the rack
  • Rear two-leaf door, to ease of accessing the equipment at the end of  the rack with locking switch and swing handle (Rittal design)  possibility to replace the perforated door, and ability to install doors  equipped with a ventilating system (Fan Door and Exhausted Door)
  • Talc Curved front door with a metal frame equipped with  electromagnetic locks and an RF remote control device, with the  possibility to be replaced with perforated door


Cable Guidance and Management

  • Folding rails to create the conductive area of the cable inside the  rails and have oval punches on the rails, to enter and exit the cable
  • Increase the width of the vertical rails ,and have the T punches on  them and on the reinforcement arms for installing the cable holder, to  ease and order more, in conducting cables, at a height and depth of the  rack


Ease of Installation of Equipment, Strength, Stability

  • Ability to set the distance between the rails in the depths of the  rack proper to the depth of the equipment, without the need for a  specific tool (Tool Less) and using the manual tightening mechanism  instead of bolt and nut joints.
  • The design of the floor drawer tray, to cross the patch panel with the  cables connected to it, during the relocation of the equipment or  changing the rack
  • Multiple cable entries in the ceiling and floor rack, with different  dimensions, to enter and exit the cable, with different volumes and from  different locations.
  • Insert the white unit counter on the 4 vertical rails, for ease of installation of the equipment
  • Convenience and consistency in the installation of all standard network equipment and servers
  • The use of a double sheet and a change in the shape of the bend of the column and rails for greater strength
  • Bearing weight up to 1000 kg
  • Change the welded bolt connection (to the front and rear columns) in  the 3 reinforcement arms to increase the Stability and more weight  bearing
  • Reduce rack weight to ease of displacement by changing technology and  manufacturing engineering, along with increasing the quality and  strength of parts
  • Thick(2mm) iron Rails for greater strength
  • Possibility to fix the rack to the ground without opening the tray


Variation in Design and Consistency with Interior Decoration

  • Front Talc door with metal frame, to resist and replace the perforated door
  • Black color, for more beauty and more harmony with the office environment


One of the Distinguishing Features of the Server Rack Compared to Other Racks

  • Intelligent system for temperature control & voltage alarm and two  LED displays, to display the temperature and voltage of the electricity
  • Modularize the fan and intelligent system, replacing the socket with  the wiring behind the intelligent system module, to easily repair, and  replace the fan and intelligent system
  • Equipped with a Brushes on the cable entry from the ceiling
  • Equipped with 2 RF remote controls for the front door


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