IP Console Drawer

Console Drawer & KVM Switch

Increasing user’s use of computer services has led large and small  organizations to provide a variety of e-services, which increased the  number of servers in the Data Center and Server Rooms of organizations.

In order to perform various settings on these devices, instead of using  multiple keyboards, displays, and mouse, you can control multiple  servers or computers using the Console Drawer and KVM.


General Specifications of the Console Drawer


The Console Drawer has a display, a keyboard and a touch mouse, and occupies one Unit of the Rack.

In the Console Drawer, keyboard, display, and mouse are mounted on the  slider rail, and they can be moved to the rack space when they are not  needed, such as the drawer.


KVM General Specifications

The KVM switch includes a number of ports, which range from 8, 16, or  more, and the ports on these switches consist of two ports (RJ45 port  and serial port).

The KVM switch is part of a Console Drawer, and occupies only one unit of rack space.

If you need to connect more servers to this device, it is also possible to use stackable KVM switches.


Different types of iRACK Console Drawer


The iRACK console drawer is designed and manufactured in two  single-rails and two modular rails, and supports IP modules to empower  IT managers through remote access and network control.


Possibility to connect the IP module

This module can be connected to a variety of MASTER KVMs, and this  feature allows remote communication via the network platform. If servers  need to be remotely controlled, IP-based KVM switches can also control  servers by Internet Protocol. The KVM switching signals are transmitted  through an Ethernet connection to the remote console application. Access  to more remote equipment, or KVM over IP, is now performed using a web  browser.


2 Sliding rails in the i and i + models

The similarity of the iRACK console drawer in both the i and i+ models  is that both models are equipped with two rails. One rail for the  keyboard and a separate rail are also made for the display. In this  model, by moving the keyboard to the inside and keeping the monitor  open, it can even be controlled with the closed door of rack.


Possibility to connect CAT-5 and R-Box Module (CAT-5 KVM Receiver)

Using the CAT-5 and R-Box modules, the communication distance with the console can be increased up to 305 meters.


Virtual Media Specifications (SS Option)

Using this option, it is possible to share files for servers. On  devices equipped with the IP module, it is possible to share files,  install remotely, and save files on servers.

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