Basic Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring

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Basic Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring

TDM-208B consolidates power control, temperature monitoring, dry contact  (sensor) detect, power monitoring, security, UPS detect, web page  management, message, email, and SNMP functions together to enable MIS  staff to be informed with the power supply, external temperature of  equipment, and thereby to remotely deal with the relevant problems  through Internet. In this way, problems can be solved timely, helping to  reduce the losses of enterprises, while MIS staff can save time without  commuting between two places.

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Application scope

  • Outdoor internet rack monitoring and management
  • Power Management in the computer centers of various organs and  
  • units
  • Power control of machinery equipment in plants
  • Power monitoring of network devices
  • Power monitoring of other power supply devices

Product features

  • Actualize remote power control through Internet instead of manual control on site.
  • Temperature and humidity sensors available for power switch control  depending on the changes of environmental temperature and humidity.
  • Overload circuit breaker protection to prevent power overload and damage to the device.
  • Provide lightning proof, surge protection system and protect device.
  • Support power outlet group function.
  • Preset time of auto start and auto stops of device and power work schedule arrangement.
  • Provide vibration and voice detects to reach the security.
  • Provide four dry contact inputs to concatenate some and humidity sensor.
  • 1 Serial Ports provided to enable terminal control, API control and 2 mutual cascading.
  • Support Wake On Lan.
  • Supports multiple browsers (IE, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Netscape).
  • Web page supports 1024-bit SSL security encryption transmission.
  • Web Page supports multi-national languages.
  • Provide guidance daemon to ease users' setting of parameters.
  • User permission divided into system administrator/manager/ordinary
  • user.
  • Provide multi-group account numbers so that different users can control different power switch.
  • Message and email alerts for real-time detection and alarm of important devices.
  • Support to send different messages to different email addresses and message receivers.
  • Record the user operation information and alert information for future inquiry.
  • Built-in chart statistics for querying current, temperature, and humidity and such information.
  • IP and MAC filtering to restrict the operation computer of devices.
  • SYSLOG support
  • SNMP (V1/V2C/V3) and SNMP Trap support.
  • Support Web API.
  • Provide on-line firmware update.
  • Build-in surge protector to avoid the damages by voltage spikes

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