Advanced DCIM Console with Persian Web

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Product code : TDM-830N

These systems, which are further developed with the building  intelligence approach, are called Building Management Systems (BMS), and  given that they are intended primarily for the entire building, they  are associated with high financial costs, along with a lot of time for  building studies and scenarios for organizations. Imposes.

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The Warranty of UNICOM is 24 months

Specifications and Functionality

  • Creating a Safe Platform to Monitor under Network & Localized System
  • Monitoring all electrical power (Power Equipment Monitoring)
  • Monitoring Air Condition System Monitoring (Air Condition System Monitoring)
  • Water Leakage Monitoring (Locating & Non-Locating Water Leakage Monitoring)
  • Fire alarm system monitoring and fire alarms divided Zone (Fire Alarm System Monitoring)
  • Integrated communication with general monitoring software
  • Ability to send unauthorized entry alerts in accordance with defined scenarios (Intrusion Alarm System)
  • Integration with lighting system
  • The ability to connect audio & visual alarms
  • Network Management & Control (IP Based)
  • Possibility to monitor the status of the data center through the mobile app and tablet
  • Communication with integrated monitoring systems under standard protocols
  • Possibility to add local display
  • Built-in GSM modem with capability of covering 2 separate mobile operators
  • Ability to log information in txt format & standard files
  • Measure the currents and input voltages of the device
  • Monitoring other equipment on SNMP Trap, TCP/IP, Modbus V1, C2 protocols
  • Ability to define different scenarios through logical conditions
  • Possibility to define crisis scenarios
  • Support for Persian language


Hardware introduction:

  • GSM antenna port and 2 separate inputs for the SIM card
  • LED display for input and output ports
  • 4 input ports for temperature and humidity sensors
  • 4 Dry Contact ports for communication with a variety of digital sensors
  • 4 output ports to send the command to connect/ disconnect
  • 1 Ethernet network port for reporting data
  • 2 separate input ports for flow measurement sensors
  • 2 separate power input ports
  • RS-485 port for connecting to digital voltmeter and cooling unit

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