Data centers designs represent a complex ecosystem of interdependent  technology and processes. Solutions are rarely black or white, and  sometimes an outside resource or consultant is needed to help make order  of chaos. For data centers, a fully integrated data center  infrastructure management (DCIM) solution can be the answer.

DCIM is a combined system with hardware and software designed to  collect and converge essential data gathered from IT and the facility,  consolidating them into one system.  It provides a unified, holistic  view of overall operation and helps optimize energy usage, dictates  proper equipment deployment, and ensures that the infrastructure is  operating without issues. 

DCIM allows operators in datacenter to take the data provided by  environmental sensors and turn it into strategies for better operations.  This in turn leads to a better-managed environment that can improve  energy efficiency and cut costs in the long run. As the IOT continues to  grow, companies need to make sure they're utilizing all the tools  available to them to keep their computing facilities functioning at  optimum capacity.