Centralizing DCIM & UPS License-Based Console

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Product code : TDM-612C

Given the rapid growth of IT industry in the world, almost all affairs  and communications within organizations are taken place within the  context of IT, the growing use of software applications by  organizations, the high volume of information that needs to be stored,  and ..., has caused that implementing a data center in organizations to  be vital and make these centers one of the most important places for any  organization.

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The Warranty of UNICOM is 24 months

Specifications and Functionality

  • Central management of the parameters of the physical data center infrastructure
  • Creating a secure network monitoring substrate
  • The possibility of centralized monitoring and management of up to 5000  sites
  • Ability to monitor the status of UPS battery
  • Ability to monitor and manage without interruption
  • Ability to display all information on standard charts and graphs
  • Ability to use a 3D structure to display all data center infrastructure
  • Modular design
  • Integration of software and hardware
  • Compatible with various commercial brands
  • Have various software licenses to communicate with other systems
  • Ability to send alerts via email, SMS and audio and visual siren
  • Ability to communicate with other data centers equipment under standard protocols
  • Ability to add internal GSM modem
  • Ability to report database in SQL format
  • Ability to log information in txt format and standard files
  • Ability to define different scenarios through logical terms
  • The possibility of defining crisis scenarios


Introducing the Hardware

  • An Ethernet port
  • 2 separate serial ports for communication with alarm equipment (siren and GSM modem)
  • VGA port for displaying information on the monitor individually
  • PS /2 port for connecting to the mouse and keyboard
  • 220 V AC Input Port
  • Input port of metal body for greater strength
  • Equipped with metal brackets for installation on the rack (Standard 19") and 1U

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