Basic DCIM Console with Digital Outputs

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Product code : TDM-213D1/D3

Given the rapid growth of IT industry in the world, almost all affairs  and communications within organizations are taken place within the  context of IT, the growing use of software applications by  organizations, the high volume of information that needs to be stored,  and ..., has caused that implementing a data center in organizations to  be vital and make these centers one of the most important places for any  organization.

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The Warranty of UNICOM is 24 months

Specifications and Functionality

  • Monitoring the parameters of environmental conditions
  • Monitoring temperature and humidity 2separate spaces
  • Ability to communicate with a variety of safety and security sensors via digital inputs (4 sensors)
  • Possibility to send on /off command for visual audio siren and external fans
  • Monitoring the parameters of single-phase and three-phase UPS devices by providing a communication protocol document.
  • Monitoring UPS basic information, including voltage, current, bypass status
  • Connectivity with TDM-612C Integrated Monitoring Systems
  • Network Management and Control (IP Based)
  • Compatible with various brands
  • Supports standard TCP /IP-UDP-SNMP-Telnet-SNTP-HTTP-SMT-DNS protocols
  • Supports Standard Edition 2 of (SNMP MIB) RFC1628, XPPC
  • DHCP support
  • Possibility to report events at different time intervals
  • Possibility to define crisis scenarios
  • Ability to define different access levels for all users


Hardware Introduction:

  • RS -232 port to connect to UPS device
  • 4 dry contact ports for communication with a variety of digital sensors
  • 2 output ports to send the disconnect command
  • 1 Ethernet network port to send information report
  • One 12V DC power supply

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