Battery Monitoring Systems

Battery Monitoring Systems

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Product code : TDM-BCM

These systems, which are usually developed with the building management  viewpoint, are called the BMS (Building Management System) and, given  the fact that they are intended for the whole building, besides the  longtime of building study and scenario studies, it imposes heavy  financial burdens on organizations.Due to the importance of this issue and with extensive technical  knowledge of the data center, the company has designed and supplied  DCIM's Control and Monitoring System (Data Center Infrastructure  Management).This will allow IT managers to access to a custom application that is  tailored specifically to the data center and IT industry at a shorter  time and with a much lower cost.DCIM provides a monitoring and control solution for the data center as  well as the necessary environmental parameters in an integrated system,  event logging and alerting to predefined users are available in the  system. The technical specifications of these products describes here.

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Specifications and Features

  • Ability to monitor all vital battery cell parameters on the network
  • Double battery voltage monitoring
  • Monitor battery temperature
  • Monitor the internal battery impedance
  • Balancing the load on the batteries to increase battery life
  • Monitor the flow rate of the battery line
  • Monitoring the voltage of two batteries
  • Ability to connect to both generations of batteries in the range of 2V and 12V
  • Ability to monitor 120 cell batteries on a single line
  • Calculate SOC and SOH for each battery and battery line
  • Adaptability for each battery status monitoring module
  • Supports measurement of ambient temperature and humidity
  • Check the status of charging and discharging the battery
  • 4 RS-485 ports for MODBUS communication
  • 2network ports, in order to transfer information and warnings to the cloud server
  • Internal web server, displaying information on web page
  • Supports files in standard formats (PDF, JPG, XLS)
  • Real-time chart analysis and history for battery life
  • Manage alerts and reports permanently (12 months)

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