Twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Tiam Network Company,  with a quarter of a century of continuous and influential activity in  the field of infrastructure and design , consulting and implementation  of the data network , held by senior managers and family members of  company , on saturday , may 25, 2009 .


In this event , with a review of the goals , approach and the  performance of the previous year as well as a quarter of the continued  presence of the company it field has been studied and noting that the  company's current position is achieved by the help of the family members  of Tiam network company , the strategies needed to improve the  activities of the company were presented .

Babak Rashidi , the head of the company, noted that the company's  activities took the rights of consumers the year ago and stressed that  the company's survival and growth in the present economic situation  would involve reinforcing the production of products as well as the  optimal relationship with customers so that we can perform its role in  the "boom of domestically produced".

Head of the board of directors of the company, Reza Taeb, congratulated  the efforts of his colleagues in the last year and expressed  appreciation the improvement of financial matters and the strengthening  of loans to colleagues.

Following the ceremony, company colleagues expressed their mutual  appreciation by donating gifts to the top executives of the company, and  vowed to move forward to the success of the company's position next  year.