Twenty-third birthday party was held at the company premises.

The special program of the company "TIAM" was held on the 23rd of the  establishment anniversary which included senior executives of the  company, deputy and all compan employees.

Mr. Vahid Taeb, the managing director of the ceremony, appreciated all  the employees, so added: ”The celebration of TIAM establishment  anniversary is more reminiscent of the member`s efforts who rely on  technical knowledge, compassionate efforts and the use of new most  advanced technologies which have been able to enhance the  professionalism of the company. We believe that TIAM family members are  who have worked hard to improve the quality of the company programs.”

Mr. Reza Taeb, the chairman of the board, thanked all efforts and said:  “The use of experienced experts and the honest employees`s cooperation  are the success factors of the company. “

Mr. Babak Rashidi also appreciated all the members and said: “Provided  the latest products and services are important issues in the company  vision and member`s solidarity is necessary in order to continuance of  TIAM network.

The ceremony ended by cutting off the birthday cake.