Seminar on network equipment and data center marketing held by Rayane pardaz Shabahang Company.


The ceremony held on wendsday, December 20, 2017 at the Spinas Hotel in  Tehran & in collaboration with the Tiam Network Company.


At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Rashidi, Deputy of the TIAM  Network, introduced the company and its history, collaborating with the  Rayane Pardaz & introduced the activities of social networks. He  also expressed his hope that according to the company's position in  network and data center area, holding such conferences and seminars  informs that the IT community is so influential.

Subsequently, the director of the Rayane Pardaz described the topic of  the seminar and the history of Rayanepardaz activities. he expressed the  satisfaction of the IT experts and managers`s presence in Iran.

At the end of this ceremony and after dinner, on the occasion of Yalda,  the gifts were presented to the participants at the seminar.