The last working day of March in the tradition of each year, the end  of year's celebration and the celebration of Norouz, along with the  review of the events that took place, was held with the presence of  directors and experts at the Tiam Network Company.

           At the beginning of the ceremony, where sports competitions were held,  the co-workers competed in a healthy sport, and in the part of the  competition practiced teamwork and communication as well as teamwork as  part of the competition, and at the end of the ceremony winners of the  awards competition , Was announced.

The presenting of Norouz gifts from the employees to senior managers as  well as the various presentations of colleagues to each other aimed at  strengthening communication and appreciation of each other constituted  an important part of the ceremony, which always has a significant impact  on the strengthening of communications within the organization.

Following the ceremony, which was accompanied by a speech by the  chairman of the board, CEO and vice president of the company, looking at  the activities carried out in the year that passed, statistics were  provided on the company progress and a report on the strengths and  weaknesses of the set procedures. Of the company.

In this remark, with a look at the company economic situation, with an  emphasis on managing more costs, a more coherent and faster effort to  carry out the activities left over from last year on the agenda of all  employees of the organization.

The announcement of future plans and work decisions for the upcoming  year was followed by remarks and emphasized that the coherence of the  organizational relationship that brings about the growth and development  of the package depends on strengthening trust and improving the spirit  of assistance to units and colleagues, and this cooperative view And  collaboration can bring the collection closer to the company long-term  perspective and meet the great goals of the organization. The sincere  approach of colleagues will also bring hope to the next day.

Thanks to the top employees of the company in the year passed,  appreciation for the successful ideas, donations, donations, and cake  cutting along with the memorabilia to this celebration gave a new smell  to the aspiration of colleagues to set together and each other in this  warm environment. And the intimate is promising to be successful days to  set.