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Net 1042 (P+S)

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Product code : TRN-1042

The rack is one of the main components of the Hot and Cold Aisle  Containment used to install active and passive equipment. TIAM Network  Co. uses the racks that manufactured at its factory for the iDC Hot and  Cold Aisle Containment and to complete this solution. As a result, the  selection of rack in this section is based on employers taste and  choise. Ultimately, based on the requirements and the needs, the  employer chooses one of the racks manufactured by the TIAM Network  company from the subset of the Server rack.

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Proper Use of Space, Proper Access, Security

  • 42U with 80cm width and 100cm depth (the width of the rack without side rack is 60 cm)
  • With the ability to add a Side Rack for cable management (side rack sizes: 42U with 20cm width and 100cm depth)
  • Single-leaf front and rear doors, equipped with Rittal lock, with rotary handle in perforated door
  • Possibility to install a nano-fabric filter to prevent dust from  entering, with easy installation and periodic service and cleaning of  filter.


Cable Guidance and Management

  • Square punches on rails, for installation of equipment
  • The design of bottom tray in the removable form, for easy movement of  the patch panel with the cables connected to it, during the displacement  of the equipment or changing the rack
  • Includes cable entries on the bottom and Top of the racks with  different dimensions, equipped with brush grommet, to enter and exit the  cable with different volumes and from different locations


Ease of Installation for Equipment, Strength, Stability

  • Insert the white unit counter on the 4 vertical rails, for easy installation of the equipment
  • Reducing rack weight by changing the technology and using production  engineering methods, for easy displacement, along with increasing the  quality and strength of parts.
  • possibility to use the rack without the 20cm Side Rack


Variation in Design and Consistency with Interior Decoration

  • Design of the front perforated door of the main rack with circular punch
  • Using the magnet system to open and close the rear door of the side rack
  • Black color, for the beauty and more harmony with the office environment


One of the Distinguishing Features of the Net Rack compared to other Racks

  • Ability to add side rack to the main rack by using bolts and nuts
  • Facilitates the arrangement of cables by using the plastic cable holder on the side rack rails.
  • Suitable for high density cabling


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