The sixth annual award ceremony for the protection of the Consumer  rights and producers in Tehran was held on Saturday , May 4 , at the  Espinas Hotel

In this event , Tiam Network company with a quarter of century of its  activity in the area of data center infrastructure and design,  counselling and implementation of the data network and data center, for a  fourth time took a provincial license to abide by consumers ' rights.

The event aimed at increasing the motivation and sensitivity of  producers and service providers to respect consumers ' rights, encourage  them to use services and products of service - holders, increase the  sense of healthy and productive competition between suppliers and  service producers to share quality products, efforts for maintaining  fair prices, optimal delivery of post - sales services.

Tiam network company With a twenty five years experience in the area of  data center infrastructure and design, consulting and implementation of  the data network and data center, managed to receive a certified  province certification for the fourth time.

observance of consumer rights is one of the fundamental principles since  the client`s decision to review and purchase until the purchase is  continued.