Default Rack Equipments

TIAM Network believes that a winning relationship based on honesty and transparency will remain.
Accordingly, good quality parts are used in the  final product, and the product is always supplied with the default  equipment to the customer.
Panels, rails, fans, wheels, and even bolts are in  the customer's package, and the customer receives a full product at a  specified price by purchasing a product.


These parts are supplied in three ways:

1- Buy directly from the Iranian supplier
2- Large and direct purchases from foreign suppliers
3- Production by TIAM Network Manufacturing Company

With the management of supplying parts, spare parts  are always provided in the shortest possible time, and in this way there  is no problem with the imported rack and thus the use of the system due  to minor bugs is not stopped.

4 Bend & 2 Fold Profield Base Frame

One of the most important parts used in racks is the four main rack  pillars, which have an impact on the strength and durability of racks.

Due to the high weight of the equipment installed on the racks, in  order to strengthen and increase their strength and stability, in  addition to increasing the thickness of the sheet used in the production  of various parts of the rack, according to the advice of experienced  engineers in the industry, the folded sheets It is also used.

The company has been using its 6-slot bends, which has doubled its bend.

Depth Stay/ Support

To increase the strength of the rack and increase the strength of  the rails in bearing weight equipment, the front and rear rails on each  side of the server racks by 3 to 4 horizontal arm holders to each other  and two main rack racks on each side.

In this way, while distributing the weight appropriately to the  rails, the pressure applied is also proportional to the main rack  pillars.

Also, to prevent the rails from being seated (by bearing pressures  beyond the standard defined in the rack), the cross-section of the rails  is placed on the rack reinforced floor.

In the new design, using more bends and increasing the thickness of the  rails sheet increases the strength and keeps more weight.
Hence, in designing and producing free standing  racks and wall mounted racks, according to the usability and weight of  the equipment that can be installed on racks, a different number of  rails, different rails' thicknesses and different railing models that  are bent are used.