Cooling Optional Devices

Monitoring system for Cooling System (BMS)

The purpose of designing of a monitoring system is to optimize control  and adjustment of cooling systems. In this system, with help of sensors  and measuring equipment, vital information of cooling systems, such as  temperature, humidity and current voltage, etc. are measured and, an  appropriate command for setting up, shutting down or adjusting the  system based on the analysis of information, will be applied.

cooling products of company are equipped with a monitoring system.


Humidity control system

A review on results of some studies on cooling systems of data centers  points out to importance of a proper cooling. Accordingly, for every 10 °  C increase in temperature relative to recommended optimum temperature  for operation of the equipment, the probability of failure and the  interruption of service of the equipment increase by 50%. Also, reducing  or increasing the humidity in a data center will cause static  electricity and water drop problems on equipment, respectively.  According to the TIA-942 standard, in the data centers, the room  temperature is between 20 and 25 ° C, in accordance with the ASHRAE  standard, the room humidity is between 40% to 55% and ambient  temperature changes are less than 5 ° C per hour. In order to provide  relative humidity required for the data centers, TIAM Company has  introduced a humidifier with optimized energy consumption.

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