Fan/Exhausted Doors

Fan Door

 In order to facilitate and increase the airflow from the front to the  back, the fan doors are used in rear doors. In this way, in the data  centers that collect hot air by flooded or locally ducted methods, the  possibility of hot spots in the back of the racks is decreased, and with  the use of the Fan Door, in addition to discharge of hot air from the  rear door to the Hot Aisle, due to lower air pressure in the rear side,  the performance of the fans in equipment also is improved, and while  increasing the flow rate of cold air from the inside of the equipment,  the efficiency of ventilation system will be significantly improved.


Exhausted Door

In data centers using Room-Oriented and Row-Oriented Air Conditioning  systems and applying Fully Ducted Hot Air Collection, cooled air should  be provided in front of racks. After passing through equipment, warmed  air leaves back of racks. Therefore, in racks with high power  consumption, in order to facilitate and increase direct air flow rate  from front to end of racks, as well as to prevent the hot and cold air  interference in the room, Exhausted Doors are used.

Using the Exhausted Door, the hot air generated at the rear of racks is  quickly absorbed by fans embedded on, and after moving in hot air  channel, exits from the upper part of the door. At this point, if the  hot air channel installed above the Exhausted Door the hot air is  collected by centralized system and direct back to the cooling system  inlet.

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