Enclosure Cooling System

Enclosure cooling systems have been designed and built to support the  internal cooling of small chambers, electrical panels and closed racks.  In these coolers, the compressors, heat exchangers, mechanical and  control equipment are all placed in a Case. The design of the case is  such that it can easily be installed on the wall of the rack, or the  electrical panel. The function of this cooler creates a cool air stream  inside the rack / power panel and the hot air flow in the outside space.

Some of the most important applications of this system are:

  • Outdoor Racks:

 Racks that are installed in an open environment or in non-ventilated  area are always exposed to environmental conditions. This topic can  cause heating inside the rack and interfere with the IT equipment,  during warm seasons. By installing this system on the side of the rack,  the air inside the rack can always be kept within a certain temperature  range.


  • Power panels:

In electrical panels, wall fans are often used for indoor air  conditioning. But in some cases, especially in compact boards, the heat  load is greater than the ventilation that can only be achieved by simply  changing the air. Hence, using a cooling system on the wall of these  panels, the inside temperature can be set within a certain range.


  • Mobile Data Centers:

In mobile data centers, the interior space is usually not enough to  accommodate a cooling system. The fact that the enclosure system is  installed externally makes these systems a convenient option in the  design of mobile data centers.


  • Outdoor BTSs

  • Racks used in computer network distribution rooms



System capabilities

Intelligent temperature control system:

The temperature sensors of this system, with continuous measurement of  the return air temperature from the chamber, determines the on / off  state and ensures that the internal temperature will always be within a  specified range.


Automatic control system:

the control system programming allows the system to automatically check  the condition of its own components, and if there is an abnormal state,  send the necessary warnings to the user.


Smoke Detection System:

In the event of a fire, the smoke detector sends an alert.


Elegant design and low consumption:

The compact design of the system has caused the system to be  significantly smaller than conventional systems, and on the other hand,  consume less power.


Remote control and monitoring:

This cooler connects to the computer via the RS-485 port. In this way,  control and monitoring through the network can be provided.


General Technical Details:

These coolers are produced in two capacities of 2500 and 5000 watts:

  • Equipped with delay system to restart after power failure
  • Equipped with digital temperature display
  • BMS system
  • Automatic thermostat for controlling power consumption
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