Over Head Frame

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The rack is one of the main components of the Hot and Cold Aisle  Containment used to install active and passive equipment. TIAM Network  Co. uses the racks that manufactured at its factory for the iDC Hot and  Cold Aisle Containment and to complete this solution. As a result, the  selection of rack in this section is based on employers taste and  choise. Ultimately, based on the requirements and the needs, the  employer chooses one of the racks manufactured by the TIAM Network  company from the subset of the Server rack.

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Thank for your trust

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Proper Use of Space, Proper Access, Security

  • 5U with 55cm Width and 5.4 cm Depth
  • Electrostatic powder paint for greater durability
  • Install on top of rack, without the need to occupy the useful space of the rack
  • Future expansion and optimization of equipment in the shortest time
  • Installed on a variety of holder baskets, ladders and cable trays for cable entry and exit
  • Release rack space for optimal use of active equipment installation


Cable Guidance and Management

  • square punches on rails to install equipment
  • Cable guide to guide the cables into the rack
  • Facilitate and flexible to guide and manage cables


Ease of Installation for Equipment, Strength, Stability

  • Easy access to installed equipment
  • Use rails with 2mm thickness for greater strength
  • Possibility to install various network and switching equipment


The Distinguishing Features of the Over Head Frame Compared to Other Racks

  • Simple and beautiful appearance


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