Modular PDU

Modular - 8 Outlets Modular PDU (ON/OFF Switch) - 108

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Product code : TPD-108

According to the High number of electrical equipment installed on the  racks and the importance of supplying the power of these equipment, in  order to meet the needs of users, From the experts point of view, TIAM  Network Co., Designed and presents the Power Distribution Units (iPOWER  brand) in different types, and in accordance with the latest standards  and national and international codes.Also, in order to protect the equipment and discharging surplus  electrical loads, according to the standard of the outlets, the copper  insulator, the power cable and the main PDU plug for connection to the  earth system are predicted. Due to the special design of these products  and the features that are considered in these products, in addition to  computer, telecommunication and audio, they can also be used for home  applications.

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Thank for your trust

The Warranty of UNICOM is 24 months
  • Complies with communication computer and sound system 19"
  • Stock size1U
  • Size: 483 mm *44.45mm *44.45 mm
  • 292 cm cable, 3*1.5mm2, plug style DIN49441 and current transfer rate is 16Am (single phase)
  • 8 DIN49440 Outlets
  • Earth system and current transfer rate is 16Am and support total current 16Am
  • Compatible with 220V-230V, 50/60 Hz
  • Angled socket- Outlet for easy plug in and best use of space
  • 43mm*40mm EU Electrical modules and space plates
  • Central On/Off switch to current control
  • Replacing internal cabling with plastic coated copper bus bar to reduce electrical risks
  • Full aluminum body for office environmental coordination and durable
  • Adjustable brackets for both wall mounting racks and rack mounting system


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