Transformer Less UPS

HP Series-High Power Series- 10-80kVA

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Product code : TUP (3010H ... 3080H)

TRANSFORMER LESSTransformer less UPS’s are using new & up-to-date technology. In  the design & manufacturing of these products electronic power  components have been used instead of trans-technology. In comparison to  trans-base UPS’s the advantages of these UPS’s are: lower energy loss,  higher efficiency & lower power consumption. This type of UPS has a  greater variety of products in Contrast with transformer based ones, and  ranged from 1 to 500KVA. Transformer based UPS’s Models are:Low Power Series: LP SERIESRackmount Series: RT SERIESCompact Power Series: CP SERIESHigh Power Series: HP SERIES

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HP Series

High Power Series

  • UPS power from 10 to 80 KVA
  • Three-phase Input and three-phase Output
  • Designed with high reliability
  • Power Factor: 0.8 & 0.9 Customized
  • Wide range of frequency and power inputs
  • Efficiency: 94.5% to 95%
  • Input Power Factor: 0.99
  • Digital Control; DSP (Digital Signal Process)
  • Equipped with EPO protection
  • Noise Level: <55db
  • Equipped with automatic Bypass system
  • Working Temperature from 0 to 40 ° C
  • Battery charger with current range of 5.7 to 18 amp (depend on device)
  • LBS Synchronization
  • Manage and optimize the battery with smart charger
  • Equipped with an External Bypass circuit to feed the input of the device from two separate paths
  • Total harmonic output voltage less than 2% in linear load and less than 5% in nonlinear load
  • USB, RS 485 and RS 232 port, and SNMP and MODBUS card (custom)
  • Functioning with Diesel generator
  • Parallel ability for up to 4 devices
  • Ability to set the battery number connected to the device
  • Working in the Economic Mode (ECO Mode)
  • Ability to install Additional contacts for audio and visual monitoring
  • Functioning ability with unbalanced loads up to 100%


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