Cable Routing Components

Cable Management Panel

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Product code : TPC-121-221

A wide range of accessories allows the installation of all equipment  inside the rack, and facilitates the design and management of the rack  interior layout.The trays of the company are designed to occupy the least space and to  withstand heavy equipment, and on the other hand, it can easily pass the  air flow without interrupting the air flow and internal ventilation of  the rack.Patch panels and cable guidance and maintenance panels, in fact, make  it easy to install, direct, and arrange cabling in a beautiful and  manageable manner. At the end, the lighting panel, while presenting  standard light, displays the beauty of the equipment, and manifests the  art and ability of the designer and implementation experts.

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Thank for your trust

The Warranty of UNICOM is 24 months
  • Stock size 1U and 2U
  • Complies with Communication, Computer & Sound system 19” standard
  • No need for brackets in installation
  • Tabs to guide the cable up and down
  • Suitable space inside the box, in order to store the excess cables, in the form of loops, with the bending angle of the cables
  • Two separate inputs, in order to enter the cable at the back, and two inputs on both sides
  • Caps to cover additional cables that are stored inside
  • Full metal body for greater strength and noise avoidance
  • Powder Coated paint for longer life & scratch resistance


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