Cabinet Battery

Cabinet Battery

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Product code : TCB-5939

Cabinet Battery are manufactured and supplied with standard and modular design to meet customer needs and deploy batteries. Also, this cabinet battery, with a modular design, makes it possible to increase the number of batteries.

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Thank for your trust

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Large Battery Cabinets

• Internal dimensions: with 59, depth 39 and height 30.5 cm
• External dimensions: with 63, depth 43 and height 35 cm
• Front and rear single side door, equipped with sliding tabs
• Side panels for easy access to the equipment from the sides of the cabinet, equipped with sliding tabs.

Cable Guidance and Arrangement

• Crossing the cable from the ceiling and floor rack

Ease of Installation of Equipment

• Quick and easy connection
• Vertical assembly in one-to-one, up to four floors, through slots and bolts (modularity of floors)
• Horizontal assembly to unlimited number (in large Battery Cabinets)

Consistency with Interior Decoration

• Electrostatic powder black color, in order to be beautiful and more in harmony with the environment

One of the Distinguishing Features of this Battery Cabinet

• Simple design
• Access to the cabinet from four sides
• Put different types of batteries in different Am

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